The rapidly growing Twin Springs Christian Church found itself with a problem at the start of the new millennium. Their century-old building with beautiful stained glass windows could no longer accommodate those who came to worship each week: there were three packed Sunday services, worshippers were sitting on stairs, and Sunday School classes were being taught in nearby buildings.

This was a major change from the church’s modest beginnings in 1974. At that time about 50 members of First Christian Church decided to stay at the building on Twin Springs Street when the new building built by First Christian was completed. They decided to call the new congregation Twin Springs Christian Church, taking their name from their location.

In 2000 and 2001 the congregation spent much time in prayer trying to determine God’s direction for the growing church. Eventually property was purchased and building plans were designed. But there were concerns: the cost was prohibitive and the plans did not meet the needs. The plan was abandoned.

An opportunity to purchase a vacant furniture store arose. It seemed to have lots of potential with 54,000 square feet of convertible space and a reasonable purchase price. After visiting a church that had been built in a similar structure, the decision was made to buy the building and renovations began.

The land that had originally been purchased was sold, as was the original home of the church. A temporary worship area was constructed amid the furniture store renovations and the first worship services were held in the building in July, 2002.

Conversion of the structure took over two years and the work of many volunteers and licensed contractors. Today the building has a worship center that seats 1000, a 100-seat chapel and multi-use room, a full-size gymnasium, classrooms appropriate for all ages, a youth center, a two-story office suite, multiple nurseries, and an institutionally equipped kitchen.

When the church moved it also chose a new name, Community Christian Fellowship, in order to emphasize to the community its commitment to serve the Siloam Springs area through the dedication of this building, not only for worship, but for the needs of the community. That commitment is a reality today with community groups utilizing the facility almost every day of the week.

Today CCF is recognized throughout the community for its solid biblical teaching, grace-based preaching, and passionate worship. The church has active children and youth programs and a desire to make an impact for good and for God both locally and globally.